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Point Of Sale Functionality

Payment Voucher

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Payment Voucher

  • A payment voucher is a note from the retailer that the customer can buy at a shop and gift to someone else, which entitles the person holding it to exchange it for goods or services worth the same amount. This module is about the creation and management of payment voucher.
    Point of sale-> Payment voucher
    The payment voucher window will look like this.



  • Opening Amount- This denotes the opening amount for the next day that is left as balance by the End of day sales.
  • Drawer Summary – Displays the Sales value for the Day including Pay in and Pay out amount.
  • Close Drawer – Everyday Sales amount is filled in denominations and closed for the day. Denominations created and saved in Denomination form.
  • History – Provides Drawer records month wise with print option.
  • Calculator – For mathematical calculations.
  • Discount name- In this field, a name for the discount is provided. It appears as a line item on the cash memo. For eg: The discount name can be regular discount.
  • Type- In this field the nature of discounts either percentage or amount is selected
  • Percentage:The store offers a two percent discount when customers pay in cash means a discount of 2% from the original price. Based on the percentage entered, the amount will be calculated and reduced from the base value.
  • Amount:Amount entered in rupees to make a reduction from the original amount of the product.
  • Factor- A numerical value to deduct either an amount or a percentage from the product or order, depending on the Discount type selected.
  • Allow changeable- If the checkbox is checked, the cashier will be allowed to change the percentage/amount while providing discount in the bill based on the maximum allowed in Policy.
  • Extinct- If the checkbox is checked, the particular discount will be hidden in the main page cash memo.

  • Name- Enter the denomination name ie the amount in words. For eg: Denomination name can be thousand, hundred etc.
  • Factor- Enter the equivalent number corresponding to the denomination name.
  • Extinct- It is to hide the particular denomination in Teller’s summary.
  • Card Name- The name of the card to make the payment should be entered here.
  • Bank Commission%-You need to provide a commission rate to the bank for using their services and this is where you set the commission.
  • Ledger- You have the option to provide the ledgers in which the transactions of this Mode of Payment need to be posted which are taking place in the site.
  • Extinct- If the field is selected, that particular card detail will be hidden in the card details page at the time of payment.