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Procurement Functionality

Print Barcode

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Print Barcode

This module is mainly used to print the barcode based on the GRN (goods receive note). Once the barcode is generated it has to be printed and attached in the goods for tracking and scanning purpose. This is essential to reduce errors and improve timely payments that reflects the Purchase Order details. 
Procurement-> Print barcode.
The print barcode window will look like this.

  • Supplier-A Supplier is a party that supplies goods or services.
  • Agent-An Agent is a person who works as an intermediate between the customer and the supplier. The agent can even be tagged in the Purchase Order
  • Transporter- To tag a Transporter to the Purchase or Sales made we have to create a Transporter first.
  • Jobber- A jobber is a service provider.
  • Inward- Taking in the stock for warehouse according to the order made to a vendor.
  • Outward- Taking out the stock from the warehouse according the orders received from the customer.
  • From-It is a filter to get the GRN No in case GRN No is forgotten.
  • To-It is a filter to get the GRN No in case GRN No is forgotten.
  • GRN No-It is the auto generated number in the GRN module. It is necessary to print the barcode for the goods.
  • GRN Date – It is disabled by default and it fetches date based on the GRN number.
  • Vendor name-It is disabled by default and it fetches the vendor based on the GRN number.
  • Scan barcode-It is a text field where the barcode can be read even from the reader or through manual typing
  • Search item-It is used to search the items that were created to fetch the barcode details.
  • Import excel-It is used to import the external document as excel.
  • Select label file-It is a Barcode Print Control file which explains the size of the Barcode sticker.
  • Assign-It will enable us to assign the barcode to the particular No or site.
  • Clear-It will clear the fields.
  • Print- It will print the barcode.