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Production Funtionality

Routing Master

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  Routing Master

Routing is the sequence of steps involved in a process. If an order is maintained, the process is expected to follow the sequence while manufacturing a product. For example, if Measuring, Cutting, Ironing, Stitching are the steps involved in manufacturing a dress, the same sequence should be followed in production. Routing ID is defined for every item manufacture to easily identify the processes involved.

Productionà Routing Master
The Routing Master form will look as below.

Route ID – Route ID is the identification number that is created to define the sequence involved in manufacturing a product. Pressing F2 displays the previously created Routing ID. Modification is also allowed.
Seq No – This is otherwise the step number for the process. This allows to analyse the step by step process for the production.

Process Name - The Process Name is the name of the process to complete the manufacturing item. We can get the process name from the PROCESS MASTER which flows here when we press ‘F2’ button.

Lead Time – Time anticipated for the completion of one process to move to the next is known as Lead Time.
Process Rate – It is the rate the Jobber expects for carrying out the process. This can be fixed by manual interruption.

WIP – Work in Process. This denotes whether the process is completed or being worked on. The drop down displays two options, “Yes” and “No”. When a process is being worked on, WIP should be YES and the previous process should be WIP-NO