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Production Funtionality

Work Board

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  Work Board

Work Board is the module that gives a clear idea of what is being worked on based on the Jobber and the Customer.
Production à Work Board
The Work Board window looks as below.
Productionà Cost Sheet.
Cost Sheet windows looks as below.

Sales Order No – It is the reference number of the order placed.
Customer Name – It denotes the name of the customer requiring service.
LotNo – It denotes the number for collective items that are manufactured.
Job No – It is the Jobber ID
Job Name – It is the name of the Part. i.e Jobber involved in the process.
Job Date – This denotes the start date of the process by the Jobber.
Job status – It denotes if the process is Completed or Pending or Cancelled.
Assembly – It is the end product from production.
Components – Components used for the process.
Route ID – The ID denoting the process sequence.

Process Info
As the name suggests Process info grid provides details about the steps involved in the process.

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