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Replenishment Functionality

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  • Replenishment planning plays major role ininventory planning. Replenishmentis the process of supplying stocks to the customers’ site when demand arises. In other words, when Supply does not meet the Demand, then refilling of the stock is done with confirmation from the recipient. The Replenishment module has the following sub modules.
  • Replenishment Plan Creation
  • Replenishment Plan Generation

   Replenishment Plan Creation

  • Replenishment-> Replenishment plan creation. The replenishment plan creation form will look like this.

repleniment creation

  • Plan name-It denotes the name of the replenishment plan. Eg Jan 15
  • Site- Company’s site to be selected from drop down. Sites created in Site creation form will be listed here.
  • Stock point- Select the stock point from the list to indicate the place where the stock is laying.
  • Plan from date- This is the start date of the validity period of the replenishment plan.
  • Plan to date-This is the end date of the validity period of the replenishment plan.
  • Budget on- Replenishment will be done on the basis of quantity or amount by the selection of radio button.
  • Budget type- Replenishment is based on three options: Product wise, vendor wise, price range wise.
  • Extinct-If made extinct then the particular plan name will not be shown.
  • Save- To save the replenishment details.
  • Clear- To clear fields of replenishment creation form.
  • Exit- To close the replenishment creation window.

Product wise Inventory selection displays Division, Section, Department options to choose the items included under the plan. Select All option is also available to choose all the combination.