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Utilities Functionlity

Create Backup


  • Utility or usefulness is the ability to satisfy any necessities. This module serves the purpose of providing alternatives in fetching any documents that might be soiled. Number generations are defined here in this module. It provides you to create and restore the backup of your database, to import and to map the data according to the template of the organization and also to set the document number for each of the document. The utilities module has the following sub modules.

  • Create Backup
  • Opening Item
  • Numbering Scheme
  • Import file
  • Export file

   Create Backup

  • This module allows you to create a backup of your database, just in case if something happens to the originals, there is always a copy of the database. A restore is performed in order to return data to its original condition if files have become damaged or to copy or move data to a new location.
    Utilities -> Create Backup. Create backup window will look like the one as below.
  • Server- Default server name will be displayed here.
  • Database- Default database name will be displayed here..
  • Location- Select the location where database is to be copied.
  • Create Backup- Hit the Create Backup button to copy the files in the location chosen.
  • Restore- If you want to restore the database then select the location where you want to relocate and click on restore.