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Whole Sale Functionality

Credit Note

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Credit Note

  • he Credit Note is a basic module that is maintained by a Supplier. Here the Buyer is given the advantage of adjust any payment error previously made with the help of the credit note given to the Buyer. The credit note may be a gift card or store card credit. This record proves it efficiency at the time of Sales return or any payment error as discussed before.
    Whole sale-> Credit Note.
    The credit note form will look like this.


  • Credit Note No- Credit Note number can be generated automatically once the data is saved.
  • Credit Date- It takes the system date automatically.
  • Credit Note Type- The type is chosen based on the Sales order No and the Customer name.
  • Customer Name- This is a mandatory field. The name of the customer who raised the sales order can be selected by pressing F2. The new customer can register on clicking the customer name link that opens the customer creation form.
  • Doc No- It is the company sales order number.
  • Date- It is the date when the credit note generated.
  • Stock point- This is a mandatory field. It is the place where you are receiving goods. The default stock point specified flows here automatically. It is mandatory to select stock point to receive goods.
  • Transporter Name- Name of the transporter through which the goods have been reached.
  • Agent Name - An Agent is a person who works as an intermediate between the customer and the supplier. The agent can be tagged to a Supplier in this form. Agent name can be selected from the drop down by pressing F2.
  • Buyer Name- Name of the buyer who receives the goods.
  • Scan Barcode- Barcode assigned to a given product will be displayed here.Place the cursor here and use a barcode scanner to enter the barcode of a particular product.

  • Search Item- To search the created item click on search item or press f5. This opens a new window search item.
  • Edit Qty- This button edits the quantity of the item.
  • Charge Details – Charge details are the charges incurred to or reduced fromthe sales value other than the sales amount. For eg the transport charges can be added here.
  • Import Excel- To import excel sheet click on import excel or press f4.
  • Receive Qty- To indicate which of the items are to be received.
  • Price Edit- The price information of an item can be edited here by selecting the combination and saving it.
  • Save - To save the credit note details.
  • Clear- To clear the entered details.
  • Exit- To close the credit note window.
  • Customer Address and the Shipment address are added to ship the products to the destination or back.