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Whole Sale Functionality

Delivery Challan

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Delivery Challan

  • As long as delivery Challan is generated, the stocks cannot move out for delivery. So it is essential that once the Sales order is made, a delivery challan is required to be raised in order to raise an invoice. This gives a clear information on what is being sent, quantity and the amount expected to be paid by the customer.
    Whole sale-> Delivery Challan
    The Delivery Challan will look like this.


  • DC No-It is the Delivery Challan number raised for every sales order. It is an automatically generated number while saving the details.
  • DC Date-It is the date on which the delivery Challan was created. Default system date is taken.
  • DC Type- DC types can be specified to suit business requirements. The purchase order provides the following types:
  • Standard: This DC is created for one time purchase of material.
  • Consignment: When buying goods on consignment, the ordered goods still belong to the vendor, even after delivery. Stocks can be refilled for every Batch sale.
  • Drop on Site: For an industry that has multiple sites, this type serves best to drop the stock at the Site point.
  • Blanket: DC is raised wholly but the stocks are dropped partially till it reaches the DC quantity.
  • Blanket Drop on Site: It is a combination of Drop on Site and Blanket types.
  • Customer Name - This is a mandatory field. Customer name is selected from dropdown or new names can be created by clicking the link which opens the Party Master form.
  • SO No - It is the sales order number which is generated automatically for each of the customer who placed the order.
  • SO Date - This field indicates the date in which the sales order is placed.
  • Stock Point -This is a mandatory field. It is the place where you are receiving goods. The default stock point specified flows here automatically. It is mandatory to select stock point to receive goods.

  • Transporter Name- Name of the transporter through which the goods have been delivered.
  • Agent Name - An Agent is a person who works as an intermediate between the customer and the supplier. The agent can be tagged to a Supplier in this form. Agent name can be selected from the drop down by pressing F2.
  • Buyer Name- It is the name of the buyer who receives the goods.
  • Scan Barcode- Barcode assigned to a given product will be displayed here.Place the cursor here and use a barcode scanner to enter the barcode of a particular product.
  • Search Item- To search the created item click. This opens a new window “Search Item”.
  • Edit Qty- To edit the quantity of the item click on edit item.
  • Charge Details – Charges may be a cost incurred for that sale, or any reduction in the sales value. Clicking on Charge Details button opens up a window from where the charges can be tagged. For eg the transport charges can be added here.
  • Import Excel- Click this button to import data from an external source.
  • Receive Qty- To indicate which of the items are to be received.
  • Price Edit- To edit the price information of the item click on price edit and select the combination and then enter the price.
  • Save - To save the delivery Challan details.
  • Clear- To clear the entered details.
  • Exit - To close the delivery Challan window.