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Image Master

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Image Master

This module allows you to tag the image for each of the barcode based on the items. For eg the image of t-shirt based on the size can be tagged for the item t-shirt.
Admin ->Image Master
The image master from will look like this.

    Auto- The resource master id and the image name flows here automatically once it is saved. Existing details can be selected by pressing F2 and it can be edited.

    For- You need to provide the name of what is to be advertised. Here advertisement is defaulted.

    Image name- Name of the image you want to tag for a barcode.

    Duration in min/ Duration in sec- Duration of the advertisement for an item or a product.

    Upload- You need to click on upload to upload the image you want.

    Save- Click on save to save the image master details.

    Clear- The image master details will be cleared on clicking the clear button.

    Exit -The image master window will be closed on clicking the exit button.