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Stock point Creation

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Stock point Creation

Stock Points are logical entities in inventory management system that indicates where the stocksarelayingRetail, wholesale or a manufacturing unit. In a particular Site, several Stock Points may be available. In order to segregate the products, stock points are created. A Stock Point should be available as “Default”, while opening the form. Customer should be able to edit the name as required. Stock Points created here will be listed in all related forms, Eg. GRN, Rate change, Miscellaneous Stock, etc
Admin -> Stock Point Creation
The stock point creation form will look like this.

Stock point name- A unique Stock Point Name is given. This can be changed as the field is in editable mode.

Type- It lists the following options: sales point, warehouse, WIP, package. These options denote what type of activity is carried out in that Stock Point.

Site- Site name created in location creation form will flow here automatically and it can be selected from the drop down.

Extinct- If made extinct, the stock point won't be allowed to be selected in the transactions.

Save- To save the stock point creation details click on save button.

Exit- To close stock point creation window click on exit button.